For Caravans

eZylevel® in action

Installing your eZylevel®

Transmitter installation


Level your caravan in your usual way, from left to right and front to back, using a good quality spirit level on the floor of your caravan. Remove the backing from the double-sided tape on the eZylevel® Transmitter. Fix it to an easily accessible smooth and at vertical or horizontal surface within the caravan, away from other electrical equipment.

Recommended locations are the back vertical wall of the front boot or just inside the caravan door.

Vertical surface: Ensure front face of Transmitter is facing toward front of caravan.

Horizontal surface: Ensure the end with label ‘face towards the front of van’ is pointing upwards and towards front of caravan.

Transmitter calibration


On the Transmitter, push the switch right to the ‘Cal’ (Calibration) position and hold until the red light turns on (takes approximately six seconds).

Then push the same switch all the way left to the ON position.

Transmitter and Receiver pairing


Turn ON the eZylevel® remote Receiver. The red lights will appear to rotate, indicating it’s searching for the Transmitter signal. Wait for approximately four seconds while the radio signal from the Transmitter pairs with the Receiver.

When this occurs, only the green light will turn on confirming your caravan is level. Now you can turn OFF both units.

That’s it! Your eZylevel® will now remember this position when next levelling your caravan. Place your remote Receiver in your vehicle, hitch up and hit the road.

Operating your eZylevel®



When you pull up at your caravan spot, turn the Receiver ON in your vehicle and turn the Transmitter ON in your caravan.

Check the Left/Right red lights (ignore the Front/Back lights for now). The side of the caravan that needs to be lifted will be indicated by the red light on the Receiver.

Place your ramp on the side indicated.

Receiver 2


Go back to your vehicle with the Receiver, drive the caravan slowly up the ramp and stop when you hear a “beep”. The red Left/Right light also turns off, meaning your caravan is level left to right.

Receiver 3


Get out of your vehicle with the Receiver.

Unhitch your caravan, lift or lower your jockey wheel as indicated by the Lift Front/Lower Front lights of the Receiver until the green ‘Level’ light turns on.

This shows your caravan is now level from left to right and front to back.

Want to purchase your own eZylevel®?

eZylevel is also the only approved RV level indicator option on all Jayco Caravans and Motorhomes.