It all began around a campfire…

Tony and Gary are the two brains behind eZylevel®, see how they turned an idea around a campfire into the ingenious product that exists today.

How it all started

Tony and Gary are two retired engineers who became friends whilst working for the same company back in their youth. Both they and their wives were avid travellers who were craving to see more of our sunburnt country. So with the opportunity of retirement, they set out with their caravans to see Australia. They’d meet up at various outback locations around the country like William Creek, Alice Springs, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and compare what engineering improvements they had made to their vans since their last meeting (an engineer never stops improving things!).

The First eZylevel®

One night, around a campfire, they were discussing how time consuming it was to level a van perfectly every time, particularly when fee camping. They talked about the need to have a device that could tell the driver while in the car when the van was level. When they returned home, Tony and Gary pursued this idea and set their minds to building a prototype. Using some of the practical skills they had as engineers in the manufacturing industry, they started shopping around for off-the-shelf components that could be used to build the prototype ­– which they eventually succeeded in doing. The first prototype was rather large, but it proved the concept.

Tony and Gary made contact with electronic manufacturing companies around the world to see if any were interested in working with them to refine the device and reduce its size. Finally, they crossed paths with an innovative and enthusiastic Belgium based company. More prototype testing and software development followed until they finally perfected the eZylevel® that is known to the market today.

Have we peaked your interest? See eZylevel® in action.