Australian designed and developed remote electronic level indicator for your motorhome or caravan

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Easy to Use

Easy to Use

eZylevel® helps you to easily level your caravan, motorhome or camper trailer the first time, every time within half a degree. Also perfect for freecamping.

eZylevel is also the only approved RV level indicator option on all Jayco Caravans and Motorhomes.

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How it All Began

Around an outback Aussie campfire, two mates discussed a problem they encountered from years of travelling…levelling their caravan!

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What Our Customers Say

  • What a great product. A true marriage saver!! My wife bought me this product & I first thought another gadget I did not need until I used it. It does exactly what it says it does. Easy to use & no more stress & arguments with the other half. The wife now gets me a coffee while I set the van up on my own. What a marriage saver!!

  • Great for free camping. Got one of these for our bush camping which we love to do. Gotta say I had my doubts it was going to work the way they said so I was ready to take it back if it didn’t work first go. No problem installing it so off we goes to our first bush camp. When we arrived at the gate turned it on and drove real slow. Looking at the receiver in my car, I was amazed at how many times the green light turned on and off as the van rolled from side to side at this rough free camp site. So I stopped on a green light and checked the van with my trusty spirit level. I couldn’t believe it, the van was all level front to back and left to right! Dropped the stablizers time for a beer!

  • We have travelled to many destinations and the eZylevel has made setting up so easy. I turn the unit on while checking in and just reverse onto the site ramp left or right, uncouple, then raise or till lower green light, all done. If free camping, turn on, drive around at a slow speed and in most occasions left and right sort out by itself, then raise/lower till green light, then ready for bed. In both occasions without argument or stress, great unit.

  • Great, no more spirit levels. This makes getting level a breeze, especially so when pulling up onto ramps. The shower now drains properly every time.

  • Easy to set up and clear instructions. Our shower is at the rear of the van and we need to have it slightly out of level for the water to drain. Left to right was spot on. Pumped the trailermate jack up and after a bit of adjustment got the front to back level to “our level” , with water draining away. Then did the calibration, green light on and looking forward to our next trip. Back up support was great.

  • After using it over the last 12 months I am now an enthusiastic advocate for this product and think it is good value for money. In a caravan park we simply reverse in and look to get the side to side level right – either by moving back and forward a little or using wedges to lift the low side. It is then a simple matter to lift or lower the front to complete the process. Free camping is also a snack with the eZylevel as you can quickly find that level side to side spot without leaving the driver’s seat.

  • The EzyLevel should be one of the first purchases you buy after getting a caravan.
    NO MORE:
    • Arguements with your partner on caravan being level
    • Getting in and out of the car to check if caravan is level
    • Using wheel chocks unnecessarily
    • Wasting time setting up caravan
    A wonderful product that makes light work of getting the caravan level. 10/10.

    David M

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